Sunday, June 19, 2005

A Starting Point

I found some old poems I wrote when I was in sixth grade. I'm posting one here to get me started...

I am an eagle, soaring high in the sky,
Looking down upon the vast wonders below.
Flying, gliding, soaring past the unpredictable.
Streaming through the unreal,
The horrors of that earth down below.
I gallantly head to my domain, my home,
Where there I am somehow safe,
Safe from the tragedy below.
Alone I stand,
Regal is my mind,
Here where I stand tall,
All alone.
I am a whale, swimming so free,
Free, here in my waters.
I am free to my wishes, my hopes, my desires.
Though I'm free, but for a short time,
I still thrive in this glory.
I bask in many wonderful things.
With one exception.
I guess all things must have an exception,
But why me?
The exception to my freedom, is not very nice:
They hunt, they capture and kill.
Unless I am able to free myself,
I am lost in this imprisonment.
Without humans, my freedom would reign.
Happy would I be with my freedom,
All alone.
I am a lion, running in the jungle,
Announcing my news to all who can hear.
I am king of this elegant place.
This jungle belongs to me,
I rule the land.
I am royalty, one to be respected.
But there's one who doesn't respect me.
I punish him, he is gone,
He no longer can disrespect me.
Now hear my cry,
You will respect me, or die.
I fly back to my throne, leaping high in the air.
There I stand great,
All alone.
I am me, a young girl in her room,
Imagining things I want to be.
An eagle.
A whale.
A lion.
They are all grand and complete.
Complete in their minds and their thoughts.
They know who they are, and where they are going.
I wish that I were one with the high,
Instead of just me in my room,
All alone.

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