Monday, April 21, 2008

More Obama-talk

I helped endorse Obama a couple of months ago. As a member of the organization, I was one of the 73% who voted to support him and convinced MoveOn to put their political weight behind him. They just ran an advertisement competition for members to create original 30-second spots for Obama. The winner will be aired on national tv.

I've been looking through the ads, all of which have been compelling, touching, and inspiring. This one has been my favorite so far, though:


"by Odette Springer

"POWER OF HOPE, POWER OF CHANGE When children are given a chance to be truly authentic, we often marvel at their poignant intelligence. Unfortunately, even with their profound insightfulness, we have a tendency to minimize their feelings and observations. I know, from my extensive conversations with children, that they are terrified about the future of this increasingly hostile, perilous and broken world. I asked them what advice they would like to offer the adults. They talked about real connection, real understanding and real empathy that come from true wisdom. They told me they wanted children everywhere to challenge adults, especially politicians, to tell the truth, protect our planet, and attend to the needs and problems of the world with much needed wisdom. …which inspired this Project for Senator Barack Obama, “POWER OF HOPE, POWER OF CHANGE�

See for yourself at "Obama in 30 Seconds"

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