Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Come Again?

So, John McCain can't quite seem to figure out what Straight Talk Express means.

Am I for torture, or am I against it? Am I for extending tax cuts, or am I against it? Do I know everything about economics, or do I know nothing? Am I trying to distance myself from Bush or show how much we're just the same (and I love him)?

John Kerry was slammed repeatedly for being a "waffler" in 2004. Even in this primary season, Mitt Romney was called a "flip-flopper." Hillary Clinton has been laughed at for royally misleading her listeners with her story about the visit to Bosnia. So, why isn't anybody paying attention to the fact that McCain can't remember what he said a week before? That he is totally attempting to pander? That he doesn't want to look foolish, nor does he want to lose his temper again in public, so he just makes things up, and accuses the questioner of having unreliable sources? Isn't this kind of a campaign-breaker?

Don't pick McCain just because you support one or two of his issues. Besides, he might change his mind on that issue in a few days, anyway.

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