Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I haven't written in about a week, I know. I've been gearing up for the History SOL exams. (SOL, surprising as this may be, does not technically stand for "shit out of luck" in the fine state of Virginia. It means "Standards of Learning," and it's the test students have to take at the end of their courses to prove to the state that they learned something. It's actually a really big deal, it's tied to AYP and NCLB, etc. Look it up.)

Well, my kids did AWESOME! I had a 95% pass rate (best World History rate in the school, whoo-whoo!), which means 86 of my 91 students know a bit about history. Super. I'm very proud of them :-)

Memorial Day coming up this weekend. We're going to a party on Saturday at the place of one of my honey's friends from back home. This guy throws bigger and bigger Memorial Day bashes every year, and this year is no exception. He actually has the band Weston playing in his backyard for this party. Whoa. Look them up. So... that should be pretty fun.

Other than that, only 4 weeks left of school! Wow, this year went fast. Guess it's cuz I had so much fun! :-)

And I'll leave you with this. Because how could I post without mentioning Obama? This is 101-year-old Myrtle Strong Enemy of the Crow Nation in Montana last week. A dedicated Obama-supporter? I think so.


  1. That is awesome! You must be a wonderful teacher.

  2. Great job Michelle! Hard work pays off. I like the Montana representation on your blog:)



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