Thursday, May 29, 2008

In your face $3.99 gas!

So, I've started looking for a scooter for my commute to work. My favorite is the Buddy 125cc, but it's going to cost me about $3000 new, so I'd like to save up my money first -- maybe save it for next year.

Instead, I rode my bike into work today. School's starting late all this week, so I took advantage of the super-nice weather and the extra time. It's about 5 miles and took me just under 30 minutes. I had to walk the last bit, though, because the school is up quite a steep hill. It was great! A bit hot on my ride home, but I stopped once to drink some water, and had no problem at all. Don't think I'll be biking in again tomorrow, though.

It was nice for a day, though!


  1. I have a friend who has a Yamaha Vino and loves it. I am really wishing I lived somewhere where I could ride a scooter. But in Houston traffic and summer heat? I don't think so.

  2. First its funny to see Marla commenting above me. Seeing old LCers reunite.

    Anyway we're big bikers around here. After living in Rexburg for 4-5 years we learned all about hills and I totally remember walking my bike up them. But what is gratifying is when you (1) learn to use your gears to make the steepness possible and (2) when you get strong enough to do it without walking your bike. Enjoy it. When you start riding enough, spend $15 and get a computer to track your miles and speed.

    Oh, and Anna has a Honda 49cc, goes about 40mph max and loves it. I love it and my kids have always loved it! :) The gas millage is amazing and I'm sure you'll have some fun!

  3. I don't even remember the last time I filled up my tank... Living close to work is probably the best solution for dealing with the evil oil corporations... of course, you should also buy locally-sourced food for the same reason...

    keep up the biking!

    glad I found your blog!



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