Wednesday, May 07, 2008

National Geographic Greendex

Have you ever heard of your global footprint? Well, National Geographic just released a new calculator called the Greendex, to determine your individual level of "Sustainable Consumption." I think I did really well! Of course, I could ride my bike more often, but I still scored a 61 on their survey, well above the U.S. average. Click here to find out your Greendex. How do you rank?


  1. Hey Michelle! This is Lance, I didn't do quite as well as you on my Greendex- I got a 60. I would have gotten a 65 if I had a hybrid car and ate food from my own garden...if only we had the money and the space! Take care sister!

  2. Super! Still loads better lots :-)

  3. I got a 52 I think! (I can't remember what I told you.) I've had a crazy past two days out work, my mind has blanked out on me. Lance is pretty good though...



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