Thursday, May 08, 2008


Okay, you KNOW something fantastic is going on when House members are so excited to shake hands with a presidential candidate that they swarmed around him in the chamber, got autographs, and "maneuvered for face-time." The Congressmen and women were described as "star-struck;" a group of elementary-school students touring the House chamber squealed when they saw him and were described as more than just excited, but, “Like rock star excited.”

We can't help it, we love him!

Read about it here :-)


  1. I really like Obama, he has the strongest character of a leader by far....He still has some strong issues to deal with though that are important to me. We'll see... (Lance)

  2. I'm more than happy to talk about any Obama issues you have!

  3. PS. Plus, isn't that a fun picture of him? :-)

  4. Yes it is! He looks pretty happy. My issues (summarized and fairly incomplete): Too many sketchy friendships (Rev. Wright- anti-American.., Bill Ayers-member of the Weather Underground Organization- domestic terrorists) and political reactions to these personal problems are what bother me. He understands what the issues are very well (both parties do I believe), but his solutions honestly are not that original and have not motivated me yet... I do like his stance on the gas tax holiday junk, but not on other economical issues. I love his energy though:) There you have it! Lance

    Wow, yo go girl! So good to hear from you . I love that you are so active at your blog. Where do you live? Looks like you have yourself a sweet little man :) I am partying it up in SLC, oh ya! Write me!!

  6. HAHAHA. oK , I just read the comment you put on my blog and Can't stop laughing! Oh man. The midnight show !HAHAHA! I love it. Hello, that boat ride was the bomb. LIfe is too funny!



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