Thursday, May 01, 2008

Wait, what was that about judgment?

Anyone who thinks that "gas-tax holiday" is a good idea hasn't been listening or thinking too much lately. Obama has repeatedly called it a political gimmick that will only get us through the election, not through the oil crisis. A website called Jabberwonk put together a calculator to determine how much money you'd actually save by eliminating the 18 cent federal gas tax for 15 weeks this summer. Here's how mine adds up:

$6.90!!! A whopping $6.90 that could go, instead, to making sure bridges in Minnesota don't collapse.

Personally, I think we should be paying FAR more than a meager 18 cents per gallon. Here's Obama:


  1. I completely agree! Gas tax holiday is worthless!!! (Lance)

  2. Hooray for all the comments from my awesome newest brother Lance! :-)



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