Thursday, June 19, 2008


I went outside to start working in the yard and find a good place to put the tipsy pots, when I looked up and saw this in my backyard:

Shall we take a closer look?

That, my friends, is one of the red foxes that lives in our backyard. We've heard them pretty much every night since March, and even saw one in our driveway one night when we came home around 11:30pm. But this one is just relaxing in the sun. Right now. In my backyard!!

So much for getting any yardwork done. There's no way I'm hanging out with the fox!

I thought they were supposed to be nocturnal. Don't they shrivel up in the sun like vampires...?

Needless to say, I will not be getting to my tipsy pots today. Rather, I will browse around the Internet to find 8 gazillion more things to blog about :-) Maybe I'll clean the house a little. Maybe not, though!

I took pictures of all of my classes again this year. I don't want to post my students' pictures on the Internet, but they're so durn cute! Well, as "cute" as five classes of ninth graders can be. If you want to see them, e-mail me. I love showing them off! :-)

It's a very nice day today. About 73 degrees with low humidity. A perfect day for gardening! But, I'm too skeered!

PS. The neighbors have called Animal Control numerous times, but the county won't do anything unless the foxes start hurting pets or people because this is their natural habitat. So, I'm forced to hope they just decide to move on soon. You're not babies anymore... go find somewhere else to live!!

UPDATE: I found lots of foxy poops in the backyard and footprints in the front bushes. Also, this is kind of what the foxes sound like at night, but louder. It's track 11, "Fox calling out"

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