Saturday, June 07, 2008


So, my last post was title Milestones, not only because it marked the death of Kennedy, but because it was my 100th post. I guess that's a big deal in blogdom.

In other news, it's disgustingly hot here right now. I am not a girl who can handle the heat very well. I'm dying out here!

On the plus side, I ordered a new dress and top online the other day, and they came in the mail this morning. So, that was fun, at least.

Only 8 days of school left. I'm definitely going to miss the kids, but I sure do like my summers!

Oh, and Hillary Clinton just finished her speech suspending her campaign and endorsing Barack Obama. I thought it was a very good speech. I might give her $20 or so to help her pay off her debt. She owes close to $40 million right now ($11 million of which is to herself). Whoa! She's a decent woman. If it wasn't for Obama, I would have voted for her. We need a generational shift, though, and he's the one to provide that for us. So, let's get him elected in November!

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