Tuesday, June 03, 2008

What can I even say?

Wow. I have heard Obama speak before. In person. And it was exciting and thrilling and inspiring.

But this speech, tonight, was fantastic. It not only thrilled me, it made my heart swell. It made me proud.

I heart Obama.

But more than that, I trust him. I am inspired by him. I have hope in him. And I need him.

We all need someone like him.

He IS the change that we NEED.

A final thought:

I was talking with two of my students after school yesterday. They were asking me about the candidates, and what I thought. One supported Clinton, the other was for Obama.

I talked about both of the candidates with them, and stressed to them the importance of not believing every rumor they hear about each. I suggested that every time they hear something that seems outrageous, they should investigate it before believing it and spreading it around.

I told them about the email a couple of months back that was throwing around accusations about Obama being a "secret Muslim." I said that many people read that, believed it, and chose not to vote for Obama because of it.

The Clinton-supporting student's response, in disbelief: "You mean somebody would choose NOT to vote for a candidate just because they're a Muslim? Why?"

I have HOPE for our future.

**I will put the video of the speech on here as soon as it becomes available.

**UPDATE: video (with a better one coming as soon as I can)

**UPDATE 2: newer video is above

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