Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Updates... with one teensy political comment

Summer break has been meandering along nicely. Lately, it's been a bit too hot to work to much in my garden. Plus, the air quality has gone between Code Orange and Code Red every day for the last two weeks. So, I've been spending a lot of time inside, reading or catching up with friends on ye olde Facebook.

Speaking of my garden... Eric talked to the landlord yesterday (finally!) about the holes and foxes in the yard. The landlord is having a landscaper come out on Wednesday to make a bunch of changes to the back yard (how will this affect the foxes? we'll see...). He's going to have them tear up the divide between the near back and far back of the yard. I'm not super pleased about this, as this is where I've spent hours this summer digging and planting. I'm afraid that most of my gardening work will be disappearing tomorrow, and becoming what? I have no idea. I hope he actually does do something about the foxes, though, and fixes up that far back yard, because it's really ugly and scary back there, and the trees have been a nice border so I don't have to look at it or go back there.

He also wants to extend the patio to connect the back porch (off the kitchen) to the concrete area off the back of the house. I REALLY hope this doesn't mean my lavender and roses will be hacked away.

I'll have to keep an eye on what's going on out there tomorrow, but I'm rather disappointed about all of this. We'll see how it goes.

I went in and worked for 3 days last week. The kids in summer school have to take their SOL exams, so I decided to be a proctor for those to get a little extra money this summer. I'll have to go in a total of 8 days over July and August, and I'll get paid $26/hour. Not loads of cash, but enough to maybe buy me a couple more pairs of shoes! :-)

I got my hair cut yesterday. I hadn't been since January, I think... whoa! I cut off about 4 inches. It's still pretty long, but it looks much shorter to me, since that's what I was used to. Here, I'll give you a picture, even though I was really hot yesterday when I took it, so my face looks shiny-funny.My hair used to cover my boobies. So yes, it's much shorter to me, but I like it! Plus, it'll just keep on growing!

Sometimes I like to dance around the house. This is what I look like:

Ha! Good times. You know, I drew that myself :-)

Last thing for now... I just have to post it, even though I promised nothing political. But, come on! There's a chance this guy could be elected president!! The Middle East is a VERY important part of our foreign policy, and our leader NEEDS to be knowledgeable about it!!

If what he just said didn't shock you, please take a look at the map, and excuse me while I cry a little bit.

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  1. I'm sure he's equally concerned about the situation arising on the California/Utah border :)



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