Thursday, July 03, 2008

Working from home

Hello to all of my new readers over from Facebook! Wow, I've gotten like, 55 friends in a day and a half! It's super :-)

I got that crazy-fun doll at a flea/farmer's market last weekend. She was only $7! The guy selling them was really old and said he makes them out of recycled material (envelopes, mostly, and he said the fabric came from the library...?) to sell so he can make a little money for gas to drive his van around to the V.A. hospitals in the area and play his keyboard for the patients. Cute, huh? He even had a tape playing with his keyboard music. I couldn't resist!

Eric decided to 'work from home' today, so he came with me to run errands all morning. It was fun! I bought three new pairs of shoes... who can complain about that??

Tomorrow we are going up to Maryland for a wedding. Too bad, no fireworks at the wedding :-) But, it'll be a fun time. We'll stay up there for the night so we don't have to worry about getting ourselves home after an evening of wedding-celebrating!

Not much else going on right now. Anything political to talk about? Oh, I picked up the latest copy of Fortune Magazine so I have more to talk with Lance about! It goes over both candidates' plans for the economy. I might do a voter registration drive... not this weekend, but perhaps next. Make sure you're all registered to vote!

The flowers are still growing well. I'm restraining myself from posting more pictures, since they still pretty much look the same. I'll wait till they actually flower.

Enjoy your weekend!

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