Friday, August 08, 2008

Excuse me Senator, but your pants are on fire

I'm so sick of the outright LIES that the McCain campaign and the RNC are trying to spread. Here's the latest:

How dare this wealthy, white man call Obama privileged? Obama did not have any sort of wealth until his first book was published about 13 years ago. Until then, he grew up in a broken home, ending up with his grandparents in Hawaii during his teen years. He was only able to go to a prestigious private high school because the bank that his grandmother worked for offered to pay his tuition. His entire life he has been immediately judged by people upon laying eyes on him, not for anything more than the color of his skin. He worked hard with his wife to make a life for his family. His ambition brought him success with his book and his election to office.

Yes, people like him. He relates to people. He gives hope to people.

John McCain, on the other hand, was born to a four-star Navy Admiral at the Naval Air Station in Panama. He grew up in Northern Virginia and attended a prestigious private prep school in Alexandria. He attended the U.S. Naval Academy and married a model. After being a POW in Vietnam, he attained celebrity status in the U.S. His wife was in a debilitating car accident, so McCain began a series of affairs. He met Cindy, a wealthy heiress, and divorced his first wife to marry her. He owns 8-10 houses and flies to his campaign events for free on his wife's private company jet. He is a white man. He has not had much denied him.

His solutions for our economic woes? Get a second job, stop whining, and convince yourself that things aren't actually bad.

So, who's actually living a grand life in the spotlight?

And then he is foolish enough to claim that Obama wants to raise taxes on the middle class! In fact, Obama's plan will save the working and middle classes far more money than McCain's plan. The July 7, 2008 issue of Fortune Magazine provided the following breakdown:

So, Mr. Straight-Talker, explain to me one more time how Obama is going to be raising my taxes?

Don't say you know what McCain stands for until McCain has figured out what he stands for. And even then, it might not be right.

PLEASE, do your own research before just blindly believing whatever a candidate claims in a speech or in an advertisement.

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