Saturday, August 16, 2008

Guns in schools?

Of course, Texas would be the place to do this first. I just read this at BBC NEWS... and can't quite decide what I think about it.


Teachers in one part of the US state of Texas are to be allowed to carry concealed firearms when the new school term opens this month.

The school superintendent in Harrold district said the move was intended to protect staff and pupils should there be any gun attacks on its sole campus.

Teachers would have to undertake crisis management training first, the superintendent, David Thweatt, said.

In recent years the US has seen a number of fatal school shootings.

Trustees had approved the policy and parents had not objected, Mr Thweatt said.

"When the federal government started making schools gun-free zones, that's when all of these shootings started," he wrote on the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's web site.

Mr Thweatt said he believed the school's proximity to a large, busy motorway could make it a target.

"If something were to happen here, I'd much rather be calling a parent to tell them that their child is OK because we were able to protect them," Mr Thweatt said.

Texas outlaws the presence of firearms at schools unless individual institutions allow them.

Would I want to be able to have a gun at school in order to protect my students? I don't know. I'm allowed to have a gun here at home, yet there is no part of me that's interested in going out and getting one. Would it make a difference if there was a chance I could protect someone else's children?

I mean, it's not like the gun would be a danger to any of the students. I have a locked closet where it would stay during the day. I surely wouldn't be using it.

But, would I want to do that? It's hard to say. Probably not, as I would rather have fewer guns out there than more. Let's just say, I won't be joining the NRA anytime soon!

An interesting thing to think about, though. Would you want your (current or future) child's teacher to be allowed to carry a gun to school?


  1. This story made! It's #1 for crazy school news like this.

  2. Yeah... because that's what we need... MORE guns in schools...

    Leave it to Texas...



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