Wednesday, September 03, 2008


I read an article recently about this fun website called World Names Profiler. On it, you can trace the origins of your surname and its frequency around the world.

Here's the frequency per million (FPM) of my last name around the world. Most people with my last name live in Great Britain, then Australia, then here in America. No surprise, if you check its roots below, as it is an English name.

And the roots. I think it's interesting that the region with the highest FPM in the whole world is West Virginia. Hmm. Third highest is Utah -- those are all of my relatives.

Eric's FPM. Top three are the same as mine: Great Britain, Australia, U.S.

And roots. His name is Welsh, hence the same FPM pattern as mine. I think it's really interesting that his highest region is Argentina! And the Netherlands is number three... how about that, momma?

Oh, and Eric's dad's name was John -- number one on the list of top forenames. Fancy that.

Anyway, just a fun website to play around on. Enjoy!

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  1. Highest concentration for my last name is Ireland... 1131.74 FPM, followed by the US and then Australia, NZ and GB.

    For the US, it appears to be focused in New England... which isn't surprising given my family history.

    If you look at my mom's maiden name, it's also focused in Ireland... which isn't surprising because she's from Ireland.... In the US her surname is concentrated in Montpelier VT... odd...



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