Monday, October 27, 2008

In favor of marriage for everyone

If you are opposed to allowing a homosexual couple to get married, I'd like you to read this article and let me know what you think. Or if you support it. I'm just curious about your thoughts.

The article is written specifically to LDS members, but I think it can be applicable to anyone who believes in family values and compassion.

You can read the article here: A Mormon's Lament.

Here's an excerpt I found especially relevant:

So here we are, in 2008, and now the threat is gay people who are already gay, who love each other and in many cases live together, and want to get married. How does this hurt the average Mormon family?

If the concern really was the practical welfare of the family, perhaps the Church could instead invest its vast resources into making healthcare universal and affordable, expanding the Family and Medical Leave Act, cracking down on child predators, and improving the quality of our educational system. All of these issues have a direct impact on my family and millions of others.

You hear of marriages ruined all the time because of abuse, neglect, or stress over finances. But I have personally never heard of a divorce caused by another gay couple getting married.

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