Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Things I'm thankful for:

1. President-elect Barack Obama
2. A healthy fetus-niece
3. New jobs
4. My heater
5. Year-round farmer's markets
6. DVR
7. Family within 100 miles in either direction
8. Birth control
9. The 11:00pm hour on Comedy Central
10. A 2nd pair of glasses
11. A progressive community
12. Friends
13. Great students
14. iTunes
15. My awesome Mac
16. Socks
17. Savings accounts
18. The incoming economic team
19. Sarah Palin lives in Alaska again
20. My front porch
21. Eric
22. Eric's yummy dinners
23. Rationality
24. Lots of brothers and sisters
25. Blogs
26. etc.


  1. alot to be thankful for...Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Does Eric really fall as number 21... or is this list not in order?

  3. caroline - Indeed! Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!

    Christina - No, the list is not in any kind of order, but so what if it was? Does "my man" really have to be #1 on the list??

  4. If I was "your man" or at least the man living in your house... I'd at least like to be at the top of your list :) Especially if I made you yummy food!

  5. Those are beautiful thankfuls. I enjoyed reading your list. Congrats on Auntie-hood to-be'be'ness!



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