Monday, November 24, 2008


1. Eric got a new job today! Hooray.

2. I was out on Saturday night and my glasses broke. The right part that goes over your ear? Came clean off.

3. I downloaded an AWESOME album from iTunes. It's from the Pickin' On series... a bluegrass tribute to classic rock. I LOVE it.

4. One of my classes was AWFUL today. Three referrals. I haven't written that many referrals all year! When is Thanksgiving break again...?

5. The newest Beaujolais Nouveau is out! Yum.

6. We're having my favorite Moroccan dish for dinner. I love Eric :-)

7. It's cold. I love it!

8. We went to the grocery store today for the first time in... weeks? A really long time. The farmer's market opens back up in April!

9. I got to catch up yesterday with a middle school friend. It was great! She's in surgery, and I HAD to relate everything she was talking about to Grey's Anatomy. I'm retarded. But I couldn't help it! Oh, Dr. McDreamy...

10. Because who wants a list of only nine?

11. Ten is boring, too. I'm listening to my bluegrass version of I Love Rock and Roll at the moment. Did I mention that I love this album?

12. Oh, I just remembered one more! Apparently, many people in this country are DUMB when it comes to, um, this country. On the Civic Literacy Report Civics Quiz, the average American scores a 49% and the average elected official scores a 44%. Great.... I'm happy to report that I had an 84.85%. Phew!


  1. I scored 81.82 %! Not to shabby considering my limited history and economics background.

  2. hooray! congratulate eric for us. we'll see you all on the 13th (if not sooner)

  3. Woo hoo... congratulations Eric!

    I scored a 90.15%... it was the economic questions that got me...

  4. congrats on the new's hard these days.

  5. Congrats to Eric! It was very thoughtful for him to leave such a nice comment on our blog. We are VERY happy for him... and you!

  6. You can wear your glasses still like I did in first grade.



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