Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday!

I won't be around a computer tomorrow, so I thought I'd take a minute today to wish a happy birthday to all the gods born of a virgin mother on December 25~

Horus c. 3000 BCE -- mother: Isis-Merion
Attis of Phrygia c.1400 BCE -- mother: Nana
Krishna c. 1400 BCE (possibly as early as 5771 BCE) -- mother: Devaki
Zoroaster/Zarathustra c. 1000 BCE or earlier -- mother: Dughdhava
Mithra of Persia c. 600 BCE -- mother: Anahita
Buddha (Siddartha Gautama) c. 563 BCE -- mother: Maya
Heracles c. 800 BCE -- mother: Alcmena
Dionysus (aka: Bacchus) c. 186 BCE -- mother: Semele
Tammuz c. 400 BCE -- mother: Mylitta
Adonis c. 200 BCE -- mother: Myrha
Hermes -- mother: Maia
Prometheus -- mother: Themis
...and of course
Jesus -- mother: Mary

Happy Birthday!!

PS. Thanks to American Atheists and Edwin Kagin for the list.


  1. I had no idea...
    Merry Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful post. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Lots of joy and blessings being sent your way.



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