Sunday, December 07, 2008


I thought you weren't supposed to have to think about your body until after you hit 30. I'm still a couple of years away, but none of my clothes seem to be fitting me anymore. I eat really well and I'm active. I'm not so much of a gym go-er, but I am always up and around during the day. I used to wear a pedometer to work, and on a normal day I take around 7,000 steps.


I'm going to go for the next two weeks without eating any carbs. I just realized how addicted to them I really am after a big (carb-free) meal the other night when I still felt hungry.

Why two weeks? Well, on the Atkins website, they provide two weeks' worth of recipes. Plus, that will get us to holiday time. If reducing my carbs makes me feel as good as everyone says it will, I'll have no problem continuing through the season. I don't get tempted so easily.

We're going to the grocery store later today. Just finishing up my shopping list. I just have to be really careful to balance my ecotarian-ism with the meat-happy Atkins' plan. Off we go!


  1. good luck....your better than me!

  2. Good luck! I don't think that I can ever give up carbs.

  3. That's really the way it's supposed to work? Hmpf.

    Hey the best thing that worked for me so far is just not eating in the evening...

  4. Hey, good luck! I've been struggling with weight for so long. So frustrating. My husband did really, really well on a no/low carb diet. I think the first two weeks are the hardest, then your body adjusts. The cravings lessens.



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