Monday, December 01, 2008

To my Eric

This is for Christina. Well, of course it is for my Eric, but it's to ease my sister's mind, as well.

Eric, you are fantastic in many ways.
  • You cook delicious dinners for me every day.
  • You rock out on your guitar and make up songs for me.
  • You let me sing and dance around the house without rolling your eyes too much.
  • You take out the trash and recycling (except when you forget!).
  • You tuck me in when I'm crazy-tired.
  • You let me give you kisses whenever I want.
  • You rub my feet. A LOT.
  • You do the laundry, which is the bane of my existence.
  • You are quiet when I watch Grey's Anatomy (and you re-enact scenes with me when I REALLY need to) (that actually only happened once, and it was to make a point) (I'm not crazy, I swear).
  • You like that maybe I might actually be a little crazy.
  • You like to talk about feelings.
  • You bought me my first tattoo.
  • You look like a loon when you dance. It's cute :-)
  • You drive.
  • You water my plants when I forget.
  • You listen to all of the stories about my students and remember their names when they come up in later stories.
  • You play tennis with me.
  • You give nice hugs.
  • You're not jealous.
  • You read cook books for fun.
  • You're still friends with the people who were in kindergarten with you.
  • You have really nice friends.
  • You eat the baby corns from my Chinese take-out.
  • You have comfy sweatshirts.
  • You make me leave my comfort zone a lot, but only when you know it's okay.
  • You stoke a mean fire in the chiminea.
  • You taught me about glug. Oh, wonderful glug :-)
  • You let me finish the wine. And you buy merlot for me, even though you prefer cab.
  • You sold your motorcycle (although, you think you want to buy another one, now).
  • You learn about things that are important to me.
  • You can do stuff with cars.
  • You smell nice.
  • You look sexy with a beard, without a beard, with the van dyke, just about any way... just not with a skeevy mustache.
  • You like to kiss me in the bookstore.
  • You buy me presents.
  • You are a crazy liberal, just like me.
  • You support my new-found love of goats.
Have I gone mushy enough? So yah, don't worry, I love him more than Obama, okay?


  1. Haha, yeah I do know more about your love for Barry than for Eric. This was cool. I am so anti mustaches. My brother in law has done it once or twice and he seriously looks like a pedofile.

  2. Now that's special!

  3. Hurray! ...but what's with the goats?

  4. Don't forget that my junk is huge!!



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