Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Details of my day

Well, my day didn't really go as planned. However, it is ending with Obama as President of the United States, so I suppose that's all I can ask for!

It started out with me layering up and making sure I had what I needed. I even put on a pair of Depends, just in case it was too crazy out there! Gross, I know. Better than peeing myself without them, though!

The bus didn't get to take us all the way down there, so I had to walk a bit before getting to the Mall. There were LOTS of people there. Not to worry, I thought, I've got a golden ticket!

So, long story short, they blocked off 14th St. We weren't allowed to cross. I met 3 other people with tickets, and together we spent 2 hours trying to convince the police, army, and secret service to let us cross. We had TICKETS! But, to no avail. We even tried calling in favors from Paul Pelosi (Nancy's son... the others knew him) and my DC cop friend (I suppose he was pretty busy that day). So, we ended up WAY in the back by the Washington Monument. Good thing they had Jumbotrons.

First, Aretha Franklin sang.

Then, it was Joe Biden. Not singing. Getting sworn in as VP. Lots of cheers and a happy crowd.

Big crowd.

My sad, worthless ticket.

At last, the reason we all trekked out there. Obama's swearing-in.

A shot of his speech.

Then, the fun part. The whole grassy area around the Monument was fenced in. They wouldn't open the fences for us to leave. Here's the crowd, trying to find the way out.

Some people climbed up on the port-o-johns to scout out the direction we should head.

Finally, after at least 30 minutes of herding along like lost cattle, I made it out!

It was about 3 miles to Virginia, where I got on a bus to take me the rest of the way home. I was VERY cold!!! My face is still red from the cold and wind... and I've been home for over 2 hours!

I watched the rest of the show on CNN. The parade was nice, but I'm really glad I didn't stay for it, especially since it didn't start until 3:30, an hour late.

Anyway, it was a good, but frustrating, day. A small price to pay, though, to witness such an amazing event. Good times. Gooood times.

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  1. Congratulations for even getting close.
    It's a great day I tell ya...a renewed hope for the world!



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