Sunday, January 18, 2009


I just found out I have a TICKET to the Inauguration on Tuesday, if I want it. Only one. I'm really torn! Do I go and brave the cold and crowds? Or do I stay and enjoy it with mimosas and friends?

The historian in me is at war with the practicality in me!

For those of you farther away, without my *exciting* options, you can watch it on tv, or, here:

I love the countdown!!

Oh, and here's something else fun: Live WebCam of the National Mall


  1. How very cool. Either way, it will be a great day for you. Thanks for the information on the Live Web Cam. I didn't know about it.
    Let us know what you do.
    I'll be celebrating right there with you.

  2. so have you decided? Are you going???

  3. Did you go? I heard parts of his speech on the radio picking up kids from school. It will be interesting to see how he fulfills these goals. But that so called benediction was crap. Lessens the credibility or importance of the occasions but whatever.



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