Saturday, February 21, 2009

My students

Every Friday my students have to write a blog post analyzing a current event. They also have to comment on three of their classmates' blogs. I really love reading their thoughts each weekend. (Although, I must say, I also love that my student teacher is now grading those blogs every weekend... at least through the end of April!)

Most of the students are very thoughtful in their comments and analyses. By thoughtful, I dont' mean, oh, I'm so sweet. I mean that their comments are usually very genuine and well-thought-out.

I just wanted to post part of what one of my kids wrote this week in response to the NY Post monkey cartoon.
I do not understand why people are anti-gay or racist or prejudiced towards anything. I do not understand why people cannot just get along and learn to work together.
Thanks, kid :-)

PS. The student was writing in response to an article about Sean Delonas's other offensive cartoons.

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