Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Our Rockin' Poem

I may have posted this once before, but I just ran across it again, and wanted to share. Hey Annie... holla!

By: Annie and Michelle, late one night in college...

i love you more than fat kids love twinkies

i love you more than tacos

i love you more than a teen loves clearasil

and berry scented teen spirit deodorant

i love you almost as much as i love cheese

oh wait, more than cheese too

you complete me like potato chips with a footlong sandwich

or a hot dog

you complete me like fried rice and an eggroll with my dinner

you smell better than homemade lasagna

or just shampooed hair

you make me feel like i just ate at the china king buffet

full to overflowing with goodness from the gods

you light up my life like an open refrigerator in the night

when i'm getting a midnight snack

we go together better than toast and jam

or cream cheese and a bagel

we go together like parmesan cheese on spaghetti

with some garlic french bread

but not on the first date

but really, i just like you more than being lonely on a friday night


  1. Oh, college days! Life was less complicated and full of simple pleasures back then ...

  2. I was just looking for this poem last night! I have been thinking tons about Shane lately and I am not sure why. Then you posted about him and then I had another cool experience a few days later which I plan on blogging about soon. Thanks for the memories!



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