Friday, July 03, 2009

Anyeung haseyo!

Hello, from South Korea! I got a chance to borrow another woman's computer for the evening, so I thought I'd stop by the blog to let everyone know how I'm doing!

We've been here for 11 days, now. It's been super jam-packed, but really great! I will be sure to give you lots more information when I get home, load my pictures, and have some time to sit down and write.

Right now, we're at a 5-star Austrian-style ski chalet in the South Korean mountains. Of course, there's no snow here in July, but what a fun experience! The resort is rather stylish :-) Hotel Tirol, in Muju, if you're interested!

Tomorrow we're going down to Gyeong-ju, which is on the southeastern coast of the country.

Oh, and Happy Independence Day to all of my American readers! Which, I think is pretty much all of us :-)

I'll be coming home on Friday, July 10. More updates (and pictures) to come the following week!

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