Friday, July 24, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

Okay, I was browsing around the internets reading blogs of people I don't know. I found one that was making me laugh, so I read a lot of it. Well, I learned about Seven Quick Takes, which apparently started here, where you post seven random paragraphs every Friday. I'm going to try it.

I get a phone call almost every single day from "Unavailable." I never answer the phone and they never leave a message. It's really very annoying. I pretty much never answer the phone if I don't recognize the number, because I don't really care. Plus, when I first got this phone, I got calls and texts ALL THE TIME for this guy named Dennis. Sorry amigos, this is not Dennis' phone number anymore.

Since I cut my hair short back in January, I haven't been able to curl it like I used to. I've been letting it grow out for the wedding, though, so I tried curling it again today. It's... okay. But it makes me miss my long hair! It still only reaches my shoulders right now. You've got a lot of growing to do in the next 2 months, hair!

I've started watching The Real Housewives of New Jersey with my summer free time, and I'm totally hooked. I love the drama! I don't know what it is about the show - I don't relate at all, I think they're annoying, I can't stand superficiality, blah, blah, but I can't get enough! It's my guilty pleasure. I tried watching Atlanta and Orange County, but it's not the same. Good thing, or I'd have a lot more shows to watch!

During one of Ramona's many naps the other day, she started running in her sleep. It kind of made me laugh. So, not like sleepwalking, because she wasn't going anywhere, more like twitching. Her back legs were moving like she was running, but she was still just lying down sleeping. Most evenings if we take her into the backyard, she'll do a couple of laps around the yard. She's a fast girl! The other night, we started clapping while she was running, and it totally egged her on. She just kept running and running! She's fun.

I wish I was a runner. It's a great way to stay in shape, it's convenient, and it's free. But, I hate it. In fact, I hate every second of exercising. No matter how many weeks in a row I go or how many cool songs I collect on my iPod, I always hate exercise. I have never been able to get that runner's high. I just can't motivate myself to go for a run. I envy those that can just go out and run for miles. My sister is like that. Not me. At all. I'll do the aerobics games on my Wii Fit without complaint. I actually like the step dance game thing on there. And I'll go for an hour walk with the dog. But, no running.

You know what I do love? Avocadoes. YUM. If I could live on an avocado farm and eat avocadoes every single day, I would be a happy woman. Well, I'm already a happy woman, but wow, I would be blissful :-) Avocado sandwiches, salads, wraps, plain. I wonder if it's ever been the secret ingredient on the Iron Chef? I'll bet if they did use it, it was a delicious episode.

Caterers are expensive! That is by far the biggest expense of our wedding. By a lot. I mean, the catering is four times the cost of the venue. Wow! But, the menu will be to die for, and I won't have to make any of my family or friends clean up afterwards. So, it'll be worth it. Right? Sigh... when's the honeymoon?

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  1. Avocados are awesome! In the Dominican I could buy an avocado the size of a grapefruit for about 25 cents. Delicious!

    When I found out I was being transferred to the middle of no where, I was still excited because I knew there were 2 avocado trees in the backyard of the house/church. Too bad I got there right we avocado season was ending :(



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