Thursday, July 23, 2009


I've been home from Korea for 13 days, and I haven't yet gotten around to posting much about the trip. It'll come, I'm just not feeling motivated right now! I'm definitely enjoying a few guilty pleasures on Bravo and Lifetime during the day, though!

I've been doing a ton of planning and organizing for the wedding. Originally, I told Eric that he had to plan it all, because he had specific ideas about what he wanted, and I was planning things to be a bit too casual for him. However, the teacher in me who wants to control everything came out, and I've kind of hijacked everything back. It's probably better this way, anyway, because I'm at home all day while Eric is at work. I still make him do anything that involves a phone call, but I'm the one tracking and organizing and making sure things are happening. Inevitable, I suppose!

We having our housewarming/engagement party this weekend. The house isn't completely unpacked, yet, but it's good enough. I just want to hang out with my friends! Plus, I'm super excited that my parents, brother, sister, brother-in-law, and niece will all be coming up for the party! Yay :-)

I found out a few days ago that my brother, Kevin, is moving out to VA in August. I'm so super excited for that! He's moving in with my parents, but hopefully he'll come up here a lot. I want him to find a job in my area.

My garden here is coming along very slowly. It's been REALLY humid here, lately, and I don't work so well in the humidity. I have a few bushes out front that I need to wrangle out before I plant the rest of my goodies, so that's waiting until a nicer day. I did plant my hibiscus last weekend and it's already started blooming. Keep in mind, a hibiscus flower is about 10" across - Beautiful!


  1. Whoa...the flower is huge!! =)

    See you on Saturday! Love you!

  2. so much for you to do..looks like alot of fun coming wonder you have no time to talk about the trip..when you get to get to it..

  3. Nice flower... we are getting a zucchini a day now... one was hiding and is huge! They say they aren't as good when they are big, so we may not eat it. But it's a giant. Miracle grow works well :) it's just vitamins for the plants. It helps balance the soil



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