Saturday, August 01, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - a day late

I saw this fun post over at mental_floss showcasing some cool Sesame Street guests. Some of the them really made me laugh. I like REM's Furry, Happy Monsters :-)

It's August already?? I guess half of my July was spent in Korea, but still! My summer is going by very quickly. And what have I been doing? Mostly taking walks with Ramona and trying to fix my ugly front yard. It's getting way better. When we moved in, we had a bunch of those bushy hedge bushes that flower for about 6 days in the spring and then are just ugly the rest of the year. Our neighbor told us they've been there for YEARS. Makes sense, since the house was a rental for over 10 years. Well, I hate them, so I've been digging them out and replacing them with flowers. Not an easy task by any means. Years of growth means deep roots. But, I've pulled three out and I have two left. It's looking better and better already!

I'm getting married 10 weeks from today. Is that right? Yes, I just double-checked. 10 weeks. Wow! We've got everything ready to go... we just have to pay the deposit to the caterers. Next week are our engagement shots. I almost decided against them, since we don't really have that much time before the wedding, but then reconsidered because that means we'll get to know our photographer better, which in turn means more meaningful photos on the big day, I do believe. Plus, we're bringing Ramona to the engagement session. Not the wedding, though, much to Eric's disappointment!

I just bought new couches. I know, I know, I'm trying to pay for a wedding, but they were on sale and I don't have to pay any interest until next July... by which time, of course, I will have already paid them off, plus the wedding. See how smart I am? Here's what they look like:

Oh! The honeymoon! Eric hasn't planned that yet. He better get on that! We're not actually going until Thanksgiving week, though, so we have a little time. We're going somewhere in the Mediterranean, since we'll be heading out to Holland for wedding celebrations with my mom's side of the family. Yay! That reminds me... I have to call my oma today...

Hot, hot, hot! It's been REALLY hot, here. Well, everywhere, I hear. And SO humid! Blech. It's oppressive, to me. That's why I can only do so much at a time in the garden. Yesterday, I was working out there in the 90-degree heat/HUMIDITY, planted a new flower, and then started to go inside as the rain began. As I stepped onto the porch, though, I felt a nice cool breeze and thought, hey, this feels good. In fact, they were 70-degree breezes blowing in. So, I sat out on the front steps in the rain and it was so refreshing! I felt like a new woman :-)

I think I'm going to hire a maid service. Just to come in once a month and deep clean. It will make my life much nicer and happier. It's only $118 a month... that's like, two fewer times a month of eating out. I can handle that for a cleaning service. Yes, indeed.

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  1. 1. got nothing for this

    2. i hear ya, and you have to add your own spice to your house.

    3. time is flying


    5. how exciting!

    6. it's not been so bad...a few hot days, but nothing out of the norm. thank god!

    7. lucky girl!



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