Friday, August 14, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - Picture Edition

Ramona's #1 favorite thing to do in the whole world is go on car rides with her head hanging out the window. Every time we have to stop, she starts crying and going back and forth between the two windows trying to figure out how to make the wind start up again. Seriously, Ramona Heaven would be non-stop car rides and squeaky toys.

Alivia can now roll over in both directions (front to back, back to front). She's even trying to scooch now, but she hasn't quite figured out how to use her arms to make herself move. She just tucks her legs up under herself and strains as she tries to push herself forward. And she's only 4 months old! She's a smart one :-) I got to watch her for a few hours on Wednesday. My brother and I decided to take her to Home Depot because I had to pick up a couple of things. Poor girl - it scared her and she started wailing in the nail/screw aisle. Like the really sad, scared kind of cry. I felt so bad for her! My brother took her outside to calm down while I picked up my stuff. Ah, but she's still so cute and sweet!
I'm almost done with my work in the front yard. It has been tough, but it's going to look so much better! It doesn't look like much now, but next spring when all of those flowers are in bloom, it's going to be great! Here's a before and after.
I've been wanting a new tattoo for a really long time, but I'm trying to spend my money on wedding stuff instead of other stuff. So, I'm trying to wait until after the wedding. But it's so hard! I'm going to get a Korean-style tiger. One, to commemorate being in Korea, and two, because I think they look so damn cool. I'm going to get it on the lower right side of my back. Just the big tiger, not all the other little tigers/birds around it. Sweet.
Another before and after! We got our new couches delivered on Thursday, and I think they're great! I think we're going to have to put the tv up on the wall, though, because it's definitely not working in its current, temporary location. Also, on Tuesday I woke up and decided to paint the living room walls, so I did. It's called mushroom bisque. Just a nice, neutral, light brown color. Wow! It feels so much more like a grown-up home already! I tried to shoot from the same spot. The before pictures come first.

I ordered my "something blue" for the wedding. A really pretty vintage brooch that has been turned into a hair clip. I think it'll look gorgeous with my gown and my curls :-) Is this too much wedding stuff for this blog? I don't think so. I've been very judicious about my wedding talk on here. I think we have 8 more weeks now, by the way. Yay! Oh, you know what? I just realized that my engagement ring is also blue! So, I'm totally set for my something blue, lol.
I just got a text from my honey. He's getting off early today and we're going to meet for lunch. Hooray! It's always fun to start your weekend early. Too bad I haven't showered yet today. TMI? I don't think so, lol. Oh well! I think this is a funny picture :-)


  1. I love watching dogs with their heads out of the car window, loving the breeze, they get it.

    Could your neice be any cuter! She has grown so much!

    Love how the house is really turning into a home. You have done so much, it really looks great.

    That will look beautiful in your hair, perfect.

    Now stop working so hard, take a shower and get ready to relax!

  2. 1. funny stuff
    2. they grow up way too fast
    3. you make it feel like a home
    4. tattoos are great...especially if they stand for something.
    5. the living room looks great!!! Very relaxing feeling.
    6. the hair comb is beautiful!
    7. woohooo...have some fun!

  3. I like the color of your living room!

  4. Thanks Teeny-poo! Now catch us up on your life!! :-)

  5. I can't wait to come see you!



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