Friday, August 21, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

Ramona just rediscovered the rawhide bone we gave her when she first moved in. It was at the bottom of her toy bin, having made no lasting impression on her. Once rediscovered, she spent two or three days chewing on it and carrying it around the house like a cigarette hanging from her lips. Last night, she decided she needed to take it outside with her. Off she went, quickly finding a place along the back fence to bury it for safe-keeping. It made me laugh. When we bought the bones, we got a pack of six, so I pulled another one out and threw it in her crate. She came back inside to find her new bone magically sitting out for her. She chewed on it for about five minutes, and then asked to go back outside, where she found a new spot to bury the second bone. LOL. After coming back inside, she looked at me for a bit. I relented, but made her watch me while I took the third bone out of the bag. I didn't want her thinking it was one of the two bones she had so carefully buried. So, she's been chewing the new bone and carrying it around since then. No attempts to bury it just yet. She's funny.

I've been watching The Tudors on Netflix instant queue. Oh my goodness, I love anything that has to do with royal English scandal. The Henry VIII story is my favorite to tell the kids at school. They get so into it - they can't believe that those "dead white guys" actually had so much drama in their lives! Good times. I finished Season One yesterday, and have only gotten through the first episode of Season Two. Catherine (Katarina) was just forced to leave the castle so Henry and Ann can get married. Drama! A friend commented about it on Facebook: "Doesn't it annoy you how historically flaky it is? I LOVED the series until I got my google on." Bah, I say. The basic premise of the story is accurate, so let me enjoy the writers' creative liberties!

I'm trying to find a good wall option to mount our tv. There's no room for it to stick out. I think I've found a good paneling option at ikea. I'll have to go check it out and post pictures if it works. I mounted a shelf on another wall last week, and had some trouble finding the studs to make it stable. Probably because I bought the cheapest stud finder they had at Home Depot. Perhaps we'll have to buy another one. I can just imagine the tv coming crashing down because I did a poor job mounting it!

It is HOT here. Gross. I hate being hot, and I'm pretty much sweating all of the time, even with the a/c on non-stop! I basically never leave the house these days because it's so disgusting out there. Booooo.

I love to buy jewelry. It doesn't have to be expensive - in fact, I prefer the homemade pieces at flea/farmer's markets. Rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets... it doesn't matter. Lately, I've been spending all of my money over at etsy. I can't help myself! It might be a sickness.

What is today? August 21? So, I only have 10 more days until I have to be back at school. Wow, that came quick! Oops, I never even posted about my Korea trip. I'll have to get to that one of these days... but first, I'm supposed to write a lesson plan about Korea as part of the fellowship. That's due by the end of the month. It doesn't take me long to write a lesson plan... I just have to actually sit down and do it.

Did I mention it's hot? Especially upstairs where my computer is. So, I'm ending this post and heading downstairs where the air is a bit cooler.


  1. Our family dog, Shosh, also enjoys burying her rawhide bones in the backyard. The moisture in the ground softens them up. Later, she'll dig them up and eat them. Instinct, maybe?

  2. #3 - I thought you already found your don't need to buy another one :) hugs!!



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