Wednesday, August 19, 2009


I just flipped over to NBC's Today Show to see them discussing whether or not it was appropriate for Michelle Obama to be wearing shorts on a family vacation to the Grand Canyon. WTF?? Why is this even a story? It's August, they're on vacation, and she's no dummy! Nobody questioned whether or not it was appropriate for Barack to go running on the beach without a shirt on when they vacationed in Hawaii. I have to assume that this is making "the news" because she's a woman. Ridiculous.

There's even a poll!!


  1. What the hell!!!! people don't have anything better to do i guess.

  2. Of course it's ridiculous, but the news media is only acting in their own nature. I'm not defending it, but they know that stories about the Obamas get hits, so they make a story out of anything they can.
    The whole idea of the Obamas changing what the first family looks like is a hit, even if it means contriving a story where there isn't one.



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