Sunday, September 06, 2009

Seven Quick Takes - Double Edition

Okay, hi, so I missed 2 Fridays in a row. I suppose that's what happens when I go back to school. To make up for it, I'll post fourteen quick takes.

I'm really very excited about President Obama coming to my school on Tuesday. But, I can't believe the firestorm coming from the right! Socialist indoctrination? My word. He's not campaigning! He's just the POTUS, speaking to students about the importance of education. Then again, public schooling IS a form of 'socialism,' so maybe they have a point... but, then again, their kids are also benefiting from the system, so.....

I have to make my seating chart for the wedding. But, I need all of the RSVP's first to be sure. That's kind of boring, though, so I'll make number two a REALLY quick take.

I have downloaded and started a podcast called "Couch to 5K." It's supposed to get you running on a regular basis without burning out by starting too fast. I'm almost done with week one. This has been an easy week, so we'll see how it goes next week. The first week consists of three runs, each starting with a 5-minute walking warm-up, and then eight 60-second runs with 90-second walking breaks between each run. It ends with another 5-minute walking cool-down. I've been able to bring Ramona with me, and she's doing really well at matching my pace, whether I'm running or walking. I don't think she'll make it much past week three or four, though, since she's trained to be a sprinter, not a jogger. There are nine weeks in all. And then, of course, you should continue running from there.

I went shopping for new clothes yesterday. I like buying new things, but I hate the mall. That's why I normally just buy things online. But, to the mall we went yesterday. It was crazy, but we made it out alive. Maybe I'll wait another year or two before I try to venture back. I got some really cute stuff, though!

Just to be clear, Ramona is a greyhound. We are not starving her - she's bred to look like that. She's beautiful, sleek, and all muscle. I'd avoid getting on her bad side!

Did I mention that Alivia is officially moving, now? It's still a scooch, as opposed to a crawl, but she's definitely moving across the floor! And only five months old! Wow, time goes fast. I remember when she was just a newborn... :-)

Sometimes I feel like this has turned into a "mommy blog," and I don't even have any of my own (human) kids! I do talk a lot about Ramona and Alivia, but oh well. If you don't like it, stop reading.

Eric and I got our marriage license on Friday morning. It was a bit surreal. We had to fill out an application online, then swear an oath (with our right hands raised and everything!) that we weren't liars. Of course, if I was a liar, I don't think I'd be fazed by the fact that my right hand was raised, but anyway... So, now we can really get married. It feels quite a bit more 'official' now. Oh boy.

The verdict is still out on what I'm going to do with my name. Whatever I do, I'm still keeping my own last name. I'll either just legally have two last names, not hyphenated, or leave his off all together. I'm leaning towards the first. I'll still be Ms. Current-name at work, for sure. That's my identity! I just can't go by Ms. His-last-name. It's weird. I tried to get him to change his last name to a combination of both of our last names (which actually works out to a real last name), but he didn't go for it. Oh well :-\

My hair has gotten too blond. I'm dyeing it again, tonight. Just to dark brown. I much prefer having dark hair, which, yes, I know, is the opposite of probably 80% of American women. Big deal, I like having dark hair, better. And everyone with curly hair wishes it was straight... etc. My hair is getting fairly long, though it won't be quite where I want it by the wedding. That's okay, though. It's past my shoulders, and will probably grow another inch in the next month. Good enough!

I just bought my tickets to Holland. We're going over Thanksgiving to celebrate the wedding with my mom's side of the family. I'm really looking forward to it! My grandma rented out this place for the weekend, and we'll be doing a big family reunion. Hopefully everyone will be able to make it! I love getting to see them all! Of course, it'll be November, so maybe not quite so green as the pictures, but still a good time! PS. here's an English translation of the page

Ramona has become a bit bone aggressive. Remember those rawhides I was telling you about? If you get near one of them while she's got it, she'll growl at you. I already threw away one of her bones because of it. None of that, young lady!

Let me tell you some 80s movies I really love. Better Off Dead. Sixteen Candles. What About Bob (1991-but close enough). Ferris Beuhler's Day Off. The Breakfast Club. The Princess Bride. Back to the Future. Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure. Stand By Me. Can't Buy Me Love. When Harry Met Sally. To name a few. I could watch them over and over again. I don't find movies anymore that I'll watch every time it comes on. Hm.

I found a pretty nice website where you can print coupons without signing up for annoying emails from stores. It helped me get some nice deals when I went shopping yesterday. Hooray for 20% off! Oh, and let me tell you what, sometimes its really nice being a teacher. I just bring my ID around with me and ask every store if they give teacher discounts. Some do, some don't. But, it's sure nice when they do!


  1. Very sad that I cannot be at your wedding! Although I put my request in weeks ago, I just found out today that my vacation time was denied! Jerks!

    I'm sure it will be beautiful! I'll have to arrange some vacation time next year to make my way out there.


  2. when is your wedding date?

  3. Anytime you want to watch 'Better off dead', c'mon over. Grant just rolls his eyes at me when I even suggest that movie. Classic movie, in fact all of your choices were great. Good luck with all your wedding plans.




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