Sunday, September 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

Another of my flowers (yes, from seeds!) blossomed today. Although... I don't remember buying any blue seeds. I think maybe they were supposed to be dark brown? Well, it's pretty, anyway. The flowers and veggies are growing like mad out there! Some squash and cucumber are well on their way to being ready for harvest. We planted some pumpkin, too. We'll see if anything happens with those! Yay!

A colleague and I were discussing our love of coffee on Friday morning during our fire drill. How it just makes the morning brighter and lighter. And we said, hey, why don't we bring a coffee maker into our rooms? So, a new friendship was formed, between us and our coffee. She's bringing the coffee maker on Monday, I'm bringing the beans. It'll be the start of a beautiful life together.

Three weeks to go. I've finally decided that I'm just going to hyphenate my name. I couldn't give up my name completely, and that way, people are basically right whichever name they use. I'll continue to go by my own name at work, and outside of that, I won't correct people about the name they use for me. The only thing I'd hate to be called is Mrs. Eric 'His last name.' Ick. I'm not losing my identity to become some hybrid of Eric. Sheesh!

I'm working on finishing up my application to go to Brazil next summer. The application is due the day before the wedding, so I'm kind of feeling a bit of pressure with everything that needs to get done. I haven't even written my Korea lesson plan yet that I was supposed to submit 3 weeks ago. Boy, I'm really looking forward to lying on the beach in Florida!

Grey's Anatomy starts back up again this Thursday. Oh my goodness, I can't wait to see what happened with Izzy and George. Drama! I'm crazy about this show. It might be a mental condition, lol. I even put Season 5 on my wedding registry! Eric sometimes thinks he needs to remind me that it's just a TV show and the characters aren't real people. Duh. I know that, I just like the story!

Oh dear. The Utah Fun-dome has escaped the state. In college, a friend and I used to laugh at all those silly girls that teased and bumped up their hair to get that big pouf. Well, apparently the style has spread, and there's now a product that will bump it up for you - Bumpits. I understand wanting to add volume to your hair - I have the flattest hair in the world - but is the Hollywood size really necessary? I guess it is!

Today it is absolutely gorgeous outside! Don't worry, I'm not spending the whole day on the computer, lol. I've already been on a walk with Ramona, to the farmer's market, and in the backyard for an hour or so with my flowers, veggies, and doggie. My mom, Jen, Lance, and Alivia are on their way up here right now, so when they get here we'll spend even more time outside. Love it!



  1. what is funny is that no one in Utah has Utah hair anymore. I also wish for even a little bit of volume.

  2. We had a fun time with you guys! Thanks again for the delicious dinner, Eric:)



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