Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Wow. It was cool.

What an incredible opportunity for the students! Watching them interacting with the President made my heart happy. Would I have liked to be down there, sitting in the front row, participating in the round-table discussion, or shaking his hand? Sure. But, I'm happy to give that chance to my kids. Amazing. It's something that will remain with them forever!

The entire school body was in attendance, and you couldn't have asked for a better audience. They were respectful, engaged, and just phenomenal.

Oh, and the excitement in the air! What a joy to be there with them. When the senior class president, Tim Spicer, got on stage to introduce President Obama, the students went wild. He did SUCH a great job. We're all very proud of him. And then when the POTUS himself walked out, the mood was ecstatic.

The speech was superb. It's everything we always try to hammer home to the students... but coming from Obama, a man they wholly admire, standing there in their own gym, well, I think it meant something different.

What an amazing day!

I'll post my pictures soon, but check out the photos on any news website. Most of those students you see in the pictures belonged to me at one point. It makes my heart happy to see :-)


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  1. i kept looking to see if i could spot you!!



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