Friday, October 30, 2009

Seven Quick Takes

Halloween! My favorite. I'm a flapper, Eric is my cute, golfer husband. I won most creative costume at school today. Yay. Pictures will be up later this weekend!

Ramona has been eating our trash lately. Gross. First, she was stealing bagels. Now, she's eating tampons. Oh dear, time for cans with lids!

I have one kid at school who had swine flu this week. Look out! I've been pretty healthy so far. Just a little sinus yuck at the start of this week. No sickies for me!

My sister said she's going to dress Alivia up as a ladybug. I can't wait to see pictures! I love that girl. She's fun. I get to see everyone again next weekend since we're going down there for Dad and Chris's birthdays. Yay!

Sometimes it's hard to think of seven things, and I think that's sad. Oh dear.

We're leaving for our party soon! Hooray, it will be lots of fun.

Ramona's whining. She wants a belly rub. Off I go to soothe the beast!


1 comment:

  1. Congratulations on winning being a flapper, can't wait to see the photos.
    Alivia is going to be the cutest ladybug on the planet. So glad you'll get to see her next weekend.

    I had to get all cans with lids for the very same reasons, when Daisy moved in. It helped with my sanity.

    Have fun at your party.



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