Saturday, November 07, 2009


Thanks so much to everyone who commented on the Blog Share post! The post was not written by me, nor do I know who wrote it. However, the author did know where her submission would be posted, so she's been able to see all of your comments. I hope she's come by to take a peek!

As I indicated in an earlier post, every now and again, And You Know What Else holds a "blog share." I found out about this when a blog I follow participated. Basically, "the point of Blog Share is that you write a post about anything you want. It will be posted anonymously on someone else’s blog." So, I wrote about something and emailed it to her. She sent me back someone else's post. I put it on my blog, along with a list of all the participants. It's nice, because you know who's participating, but you don't know who wrote what - it's all anonymous. Fun!

I was excited to get to participate. My own entry is floating somewhere out there on world wide internets!

As soon as I read the entry I was to post, I thought the exact same thing as the rest of you - that totally sounds like depression. That's the worst kind of sick to be, especially when neither you nor your partner know that's what is causing the pain and withdrawal and lack of desire/motivation. I've dealt with depression on many levels, both within my family, my relationships, and myself.

It's not just "being sad." In fact, many people who are depressed are high-functioning and are, for the most part, very happy people. Depression isn't something that will just go away on its own. You can't just smile your way out of a depressive state. Until you understand what is going on and take steps to make it better, whether it be through therapy alone or combined with medication, you won't really see a change. You may have good days, but that's not the issue.

Anyway, enough from me. I think the commenters did a very good, and kind, job. Thanks again to all of you who stopped by and cared!


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  1. Thanks for participating in the Blog Share!

    Depression is such a difficult subject; so many people don't want to acknowledge the problem. I think what you wrote is true.



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