Wednesday, December 23, 2009

An airing of grievances

Festivus is a time of year for the rest of us. It is traditionally observed on December 23. It begins with an undecorated aluminum Festivus pole, followed by the Airing of Grievances and the Feats of Strength.

So, in honor of Festivus, I would like to air my grievances of the past year.

- The decision by GM to stop producing Saab. Because my husband cries about it every time he sees a Saab. Which is every day, since he owns one.
- The bailout fiascoes. I'm with Jon Stewart. Just give the 'bailout money' to the regular people so we can all pay down our debt. The creditors still get their money that way.
- We still haven't installed an exhaust fan in our bathroom.
- We haven't put up the mirror in our bedroom, yet.
- I have no table for my sewing machine.
- My ticket to the Inauguration was useless.
- We still don't have Health Care Reform.
- We need more pieces of furniture to help us de-clutter.
- The Democratic majority in the Senate still can't do anything without giving in to the minority party.
- Foundations 2.0
- These Tea Parties. They've perverted the meaning of the Revolution. Oh, and they have an idiotic name. Perhaps they should have done some research before referring to themselves as 'teabaggers.'
- Sarah Palin
- Debt

Happy Festivus. For the rest of us.


  1. I agree!!! Allow me to add a few of my own:

    -Iran's crack down on protesters during election
    -Honduras' coup being overshadowed by the death of MJ
    -death of human rights supporters in China, Libya, etc, etc, etc.
    -DRC conflict continues
    -Ah San Suu Kyi still under house arrest
    and, last but certainly not least:


  2. It's a festivus for the the rest of us! It's a festivus miracle!



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