Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Eric and I agreed to dog sit another greyhound over winter break. Her name is Mandy and she's super-sweet and quiet. Much less energy than our crazy Ramona.

It's been interesting seeing how Ramona interacts with another dog in the house. She's definitely the 'alpha dog' and is not afraid to show it. If we're paying attention to Mandy, Ramona will come bounding over and actually body-bump Mandy out of the way so she can be physically closer to us than Mandy.

On walks, Ramona makes sure that she's walking ahead of Mandy, even if it's only by an inch or two. If Mandy happens to get ahead of Ramona, she'll slightly pick up her pace until she's in front, again. Also, on walks, Mandy has to be right where Ramona is. If Ramona takes a potty somewhere, Mandy will stop in the exact same spot to potty as soon as she's done. In fact, I think Ramona gets a little annoyed with Mandy, because she's right up on her whenever she's trying to potty.

The first day we had Mandy, Ramona even tried to get territorial by parking herself in Mandy's crate and making her lay on the floor outside of the crate. We nipped that one in the bud pretty quickly, though. Ramona hasn't gone back into Mandy's crate since then, thank goodness.

If we ever decide to get a second dog, we have to be very careful about its personality. It can't be as submissive as Mandy, or it'll be knocked around by Ramona. However, it can't be as dominant as Ramona, either, or they'll constantly be butting heads.

Oh dear!

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  1. Cute! I'd love to get a greyhound one day. I got to your blog randomly.. happy new year!



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