Monday, December 07, 2009

Europe, Day 2

We intended to wake up early this day to take the train into Amsterdam. We ended up making it out the door around noon, though. It worked out, though, since the sun was coming out from behind the rain clouds just as we pulled into the station.

This was Lance's first time in Europe, and Jen's first since she was 9. It was really fun going around the city with them!

We did a good amount of shopping while we were there. In fact, the sun was so bright that afternoon, I had to pick up a new pair of sunglasses! They were hijacked from me for a bit, though.

We walked through town to go to the Rijksmuseum. It was pretty awesome to see so many of Rembrandt's paintings, up close and personal - especially The Nightwatch. We passed some other interesting museums we may have to hit up on our next trip, though!

This was Thanksgiving day, so we went to an Indonesian restaurant for dinner. The only pictures I took inside were of Alivia, but here's my honey taking a break after dinner just outside the restaurant.
The streets were lit up for the holidays, so we walked around a bit before going back to the train station.

You'd think after a full day of walking around Amsterdam, Alivia would be pooped. Not so. She has loads of energy, just like her momma!



  1. i LOVE europe around the holidays! and i'd like some insight as to what was in the sex museum? awe, holland, i love you so.

  2. Ha! Let's just say, that for a scant 3 euros, you can see an eccentric array of photos, statues, and 1970s animatronics performing various sex acts. Fantastic, and totally worth it!!

  3. worth a trip to holland on its own! animatronics! brilliant! hahaha!



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