Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Europe, Day 3

On Friday morning, we woke up later than we planned, again. Oh well, what are vacations for, right? After Lance finished up some of his school work, we loaded into the Fiat and drove for about 3 hours to Osnabruck, Germany. Since we got there a little later than we had planned, and I didn't check out a city map before we left, I didn't get to see any of the historical sites I had hoped for. That's okay, though. We still had a good time!

We drove through the city until we found an area that looked kind of Christmas-y (we planned to visit their Christmas market, voted the prettiest in Germany). We figured out where/how to park and then just started walking in the hopes that we'd eventually run into the market. There was a huge, old cathedral by the parking lot. That was the most history I got on the trip!

Before we really started walking too far, we decided to get some brats and gluhwein. Yum!! Lance said he could have eaten at least a dozen more brats. He limited himself to only one more, though.
After walking for quite a while, we saw a looming nutcracker ahead. We had found it!

The market mostly sold food and drink. We had been hoping there would have been more gift things to buy; instead, they had mostly tchotchke. We were able to pick up a few things, though, including some very pretty German ornaments. Plus, we got to keep our gluhwein mugs!

It was really fun just getting to hang out there together, take pictures, and eat/drink delicious German food.

As we were leaving the market, we stopped to get pictures by the huge, German Christmas tree.

The whole city was decorated for the holidays!

From there, we drove to Hengelo, NL for our family reunion. Eric and I haven't been there since April 2008, so it was really fun to catch up with everyone. The family had a fun time getting to know Jen, Lance, and Alivia, as well. Our 8-year-old cousin, Ilona, adored Alivia! They had fun playing together.

Another busy day done!

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