Thursday, December 10, 2009

Europe, Day 5

Our last real day in Europe. This was not a day to sleep in!

After breakfast, we went outside for the traditional family pictures. There's always one with Oma and her kids, then with Oma and her grandkids. I didn't get any pics on my camera of the whole group, though!We take cute pictures :-)

Then we went to a wooden shoe factory. They fed us tea and snacks before the tour. It was really neat to see how the shoes get made. We bought a small pair of hand-painted shoes from the factory to take home as souvenirs. They're too little for our feet, though!

A super-adorable picture of Alivia on her grandpa's shoulder.

After the tour, we went back, packed up, then went out to a nice restaurant for our final, family dinner. The food was all very good, but before the night had finished, I burned my fingers pretty badly on a spoon that had inadvertently been left resting just over one of the table's candles. Ouch! These pictures are all pre-burn. :-(

Then, a two-hour drive back to Oma's for our last night.


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  1. Just caught what a trip!! Looks like everyone had a blast...what a great vacation!



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