Saturday, January 30, 2010

Facebook Songs

I know there are a lot of songs out there about Facebook, but I just had to crack up at this one. And then share it with you. Ah, yes.


Thursday, January 28, 2010


I liked the State of the Union last night. I really did. But, one bit distresses me.
To make college more affordable, this bill will finally end the unwarranted taxpayer-subsidies that go to banks for student loans. Instead, let’s take that money and give families a $10,000 tax credit for four years of college and increase Pell Grants. And let’s tell another one million students that when they graduate, they will be required to pay only ten percent of their income on student loans, and all of their debt will be forgiven after twenty years – and forgiven after ten years if they choose a career in public service. Because in the United States of America, no one should go broke because they chose to go to college.
So... what about me? I went $40,000 into debt to become a teacher, and I've been working at a Title I (low-income) school for 4 years. What about my debt? Do I just get screwed and have to pay back everything because I chose to go into public service BEFORE promises to forgive my loans had been made? He keeps talking about rewarding people for choosing to go into public careers, but hasn't yet made any mention of those of us already there.



J.D. Salinger and Howard Zinn both died. That's crazy. Well, I actually didn't know that Salinger was even still alive, but Zinn? He's a cool guy.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Run

I thought I'd share a picture tour of the route I usually take on my runs. It's pretty in the winter... but you should see it in the spring/summer/fall! Yay :)

First, Ramona and I run through the neighborhood to get to the trail. We come down this path,

and cross this little stream.

Then we follow the trail up here,

past this cool, fallen tree,

and go under a bridge and into the park.

Sometimes, Ramona wants to smell every goddamn leaf in the park.

We continue following the trail along the stream,

pass a frisbee golf course (where there are often a few people playing),

then a field where I usually see a soccer game being played among friends,

and cross this cute bridge.

From the bridge, we come up the trail past a few homes,

cross the street,

continue along the trail,

and head back into the neighborhood.

We have one more street to cross before making it back home. It's nice :) Thanks for coming along!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

I'm melting....!!

I saw this on my walk with Ramona the other day. Poor, poor little snowman who is no more. Look. You can even see what's left of his carrot nose.

Fun weekend

Boston was fun. Yay for Dani! My favorite part of the trip? See for yourself:

My least favorite part? Leaving for the airport at 1:30 but not getting to leave until 8:30. And then having to travel by bus and metro another 2 hours after landing.

What made that bad part better? I upgraded to Business class to make myself feel better. It worked. :)

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Holy weightloss, Batman!

So, my running - and my forced Invisalign diet - are starting to pay off. I felt skinnier this morning so I weighed myself (I typically avoid weighing myself, to avoid frustration!), and I've lost a full 5 pounds in the last two weeks! Huzzah!

Wednesday, January 06, 2010


I found a website today called BooksShouldBeFree that lets you download the mp3 versions of lots of different books for free to listen on your iPod, etc. Cool!

I downloaded Kafka's Metamorphosis and am currently browsing around for another couple to get. Yay.

The strangest thing...

Um, I got home from work today and saw that the holiday tree is back on our curb. Creepy.

Monday, January 04, 2010

Oh! Things I Know

- You can put your holiday tree out on the curb Saturday afternoon for a Wednesday pick-up.
- If you experience 20-40 mph wind gusts that day, you'll find your tree across the street upon coming home that evening.
- If you insist on rolling it back to the curb and leaving it there overnight, while the winds continue, you will find that said tree is nowhere in sight the next morning when you go out to walk your dog.

Hm... I wonder where it ended up!!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

New things for the new year

I cut my hair (myself! not bad for a first go), dyed it black (I like it!), and have gotten my first set of Invisalign aligners (my teeth hurt). Can you see them? I hope not!!

And yes, those are diapers behind me. It's the diaper cake I'm working on for my coworker, who I imagine had her baby a week ago Saturday. Haven't heard any news, though.

On another note, I haven't gone running in the past week. It's COLD and WINDY outside. Easy enough to come up with excuses! I'll go back out once the wind stops or it gets back up to the 30s. That's right. The 30s. I told you it's cold!!

Friday, January 01, 2010


Before the day is over -- Happy New Year! Go 2010! PS. I say, call it twenty-ten. Because two thousand ten is so many more syllables!

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