Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Run

I thought I'd share a picture tour of the route I usually take on my runs. It's pretty in the winter... but you should see it in the spring/summer/fall! Yay :)

First, Ramona and I run through the neighborhood to get to the trail. We come down this path,

and cross this little stream.

Then we follow the trail up here,

past this cool, fallen tree,

and go under a bridge and into the park.

Sometimes, Ramona wants to smell every goddamn leaf in the park.

We continue following the trail along the stream,

pass a frisbee golf course (where there are often a few people playing),

then a field where I usually see a soccer game being played among friends,

and cross this cute bridge.

From the bridge, we come up the trail past a few homes,

cross the street,

continue along the trail,

and head back into the neighborhood.

We have one more street to cross before making it back home. It's nice :) Thanks for coming along!


  1. What a great run. I'm still waiting for the snow to melt so I can go on my walking/jogging route.

  2. how many miles is that?! aw, VA is awesome!

  3. This particular route is just under 3 miles. However, the trail itself follows the old W&OD rail line, so it actually stretches for 45 miles.



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