Sunday, January 03, 2010

New things for the new year

I cut my hair (myself! not bad for a first go), dyed it black (I like it!), and have gotten my first set of Invisalign aligners (my teeth hurt). Can you see them? I hope not!!

And yes, those are diapers behind me. It's the diaper cake I'm working on for my coworker, who I imagine had her baby a week ago Saturday. Haven't heard any news, though.

On another note, I haven't gone running in the past week. It's COLD and WINDY outside. Easy enough to come up with excuses! I'll go back out once the wind stops or it gets back up to the 30s. That's right. The 30s. I told you it's cold!!


  1. Love the hair!!! you look great...what does hubby think?

  2. I love this. I dyed my hair black several months before going to Russia but had it lifted per my mother's insistence that I would scare the poor, innocent Russian children. hahaha.

  3. I like your hair...looks good on you. Man, I would LOVE to go jogging in 30 degree weather. That's balmy compared to what it is here. Try jogging in -4 below weather. I'll take your 30 degree weather, anytime. Try to stay warm, though.


  4. Looks good on you! And I can't see the Invisaligns on! Whew! =) In the picture it looks like your right side might be a little longer than your left...not sure, check it out. (What are sisters for!!)

  5. LOL, JAG - I meant I'll start running again once it gets back UP to the 30s!! While not quite -4, it HAS been in the teens here, with 20-40 mph winds for the last few days. Yikes!

    @Jen - I think it's just the picture, but I'll check before I leave the house today!! :)



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