Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Alivia came to visit!

And we had lots of fun together. Things we did:
  • Played with Ramona
  • Showed off awesome walking skills
  • Ate a really fancy dinner with Uncle Eric, mommy, and daddy
  • Watched the beginning of the Opening Ceremony in Vancouver
  • Cuddled on the couch
  • Looked at pictures together
  • Gave really sweet kisses
  • Went shopping at R.E.I. and Casual Adventure for new shoes for Auntie Michelle and mommy
  • Ate the most delicious bbq for lunch
  • Gave high fives, danced, and blew kisses
  • Practiced climbing up and down the stairs
  • Made Auntie Michelle and Uncle Eric love her even more!


  1. I think this is the most serious look I've ever seen her make

  2. awww she is beautiful!!!

    Are you and eric thinking of having your own?

  3. LOL, I think it's an 'artsy' shot :)

    @Caroline, thanks! Yah, but not for a couple of years, still. I can save all of my love for Alivia and Ramona for now!!



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