Monday, February 08, 2010

Okay, so I know I'm talking about snow A LOT

But, come on! It's getting a little old, already. And, I don't mean my constant updates (although, perhaps they could be included...). I'm talking to good 'ole Mother Nature.

They've upgraded our Winter Storm Watch to a Warning, and increased the predicted snowfall from 5 inches to 10 - 20 inches.

School is canceled again tomorrow. At this rate, we won't be in school all week! I'm actually disappointed. Besides the fact that I'll be working straight through till August if this keeps up, I'm ready to get back and see my kiddies (although all this time off is giving me ample opportunity to finally grade those Unit 4 essays I keep putting off).

Ramona has been yelping every now and then today. And a little bit last night in her sleep. At first, I thought her paws might be raw from the ice and salt, but I think she's actually having arthritis aches in her hips, poor girl. We got her some balm for her pads and some treats with glucosemein. Hopefully that helps her. I think the cold air is making her tired, racing joints act up. They ran her raw :-(

On another note, I decided that all of this cold weather called for another greyhound coat. So, I used an old blanket and some leftover sherpa from her last coat to put together another one. I made it a little bigger and easier to put on. I think it's great! I think she likes it, too :-)


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  1. very cute!!! I hope the snow finally stops out there for you!



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