Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Slump day, hump day

I've been in a bit of blogging slump, lately! We have another snow day today, though, so hello! I can't believe how much it's been snowing here. We got about 8 inches on Saturday and another 4 or so last night. It looks really pretty, though. But, I don't want any more snow days because we've used them all up as of today. I don't want to have to make them up on nice, spring days! Just 2-hour delays from now on, please!

Speaking of 2-hour delays, Eric had one this morning. I was already up, so I went out and shoveled the sidewalk and driveway. I also cleaned off both of our cars, so he would be able to sleep in a little bit extra. I tried to get him up a few times so he would have time to walk Ramona before going to work. Mind you, I've had to walk her (in the snow) both morning and night every day since Saturday (with the exception of Monday morning). Normally, we take turns.

So, yes, he gets up too late to walk her, and I end up having to take her, anyway. And yes, he owes me big. But let me tell you what, it was ridiculously beautiful out there.



  1. We didn't get any more last night, but yes another snow day here too.You have the right attitude about the snow, it is beautiful in many ways.

  2. that is one beautiful pic!!! I love the way snow makes everything look clean.



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