Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Birds, or, Why I Hate Crows

On this morning's walk with the dog, I saw a disgustingly humongous black crow in front of us on the sidewalk. I did NOT take a picture. But, it looked something like this (but fatter):

I hate crows. They give me the heebie jeebies. Especially the extra-large variety. For a number of reasons.
  1. They are bigger than my head. And could probably eat it off, at that.
  2. They eat big, dead things. And trash. And, possibly, heads.
  3. They do not sing. They caw. What a perfectly wretched sound.
  4. They are black. Everywhere. No variety, no change. Just solid black.
  5. I might actually be able to feel the ground shake a bit when they stomp around.
  6. They are not scared of anything. So, they won't fly away when you approach.
  7. Gross. Just, gross.


  1. Mom says she agrees with you!! She doesn't like crows either. ( do you feel about the lovable Raven?)

  2. Tell us how you feel about fish ... hehehe.

  3. Crows are just the most beautiful creatures on earth



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